Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the time has come

We have been successfully avoiding this moment for the past 8 years. Deployment. We have been blessed so far to always miss the deployments. Now, his time has come. He leaves for his continued training in Fort Lewis, Washington this weekend. He will then get to come home for Thanksgiving and then off to Iraq. He won't be home for good until next September.

Please pray for us all during this time. Pray for strength for me to go on each day as a single mom. Pray for the kids to understand and accept this time. Most of all, pray for Jacob. Pray not only for his physical safety, but also to guard his spirit and mind during this time. Pray that he comes back home complete emotionally and spiritually as well.

War is not easy on families but it is harder on the troops that are away and in a far less than desirable place. they see things that we would never wish our worst enemy to see. They are on guard 24 hours a day, every day they are gone. it is no wonder that so many of them come home physically, but mentally, they are injured. I refuse to accept that as normal. I refuse to accept this fate for my husband. So, please, join with me in covering him with prayer!

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